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Where can i find a website that offers free flower seeds and ect for gardening?

This one has Shasta Daisy and Poppy seeds for free:

Tomato seeds for $1. s/h:

Send a SASE for a free packet of seeds:

And if none of that helps, try a seed trade...

Send SASE or trade:

Happy Gardening!

Where can i find a website that offers free flower seeds and ect for gardening?
There are agencies that give away vegetable seeds and support for growing, but it might be harder to get free flower seeds unless you have some to swap. You could try googling "free flower seeds" and the name of your state.
Reply:Try Maybe the FDA or Farmers Association gov gives them to citizens.

I found some!

That is au

I think that is New Jersey

Grains and Tomatoes are pretty also.
Reply:Try The Morning Glory Seed Comopany

How do I take the seeds from a flower and try to grow more?

Do I wait for them to die or can I plant them now?

How do I take the seeds from a flower and try to grow more?
While I am by no means an expert I wait for the flowers to die back including the seed buds or whatever and when they are dried out I take them off and lay them on newspapers to dry out even more. Then I save them in envelopes and in the next spring plant them. Each individual seeds, not the whole seed pod.. I start almost all my flowers this way. I suppose if you live in a warm place you can plant them right after they are dry but where I live we only have the one growing season each year. (Pennsylvania) Have fun saving your seeds and growing new plants. It can be addicting. LOL

Reply:Don't lop off the flower from the plant until the flower is completely spent. The flower has to grow through its complete cycle before it will seed.Usually the top of the stem leading to the dead flower has shriveled a bit and the center will generally have the seeds in it.

Get an airtight jar or bottle-like a prescription bottle that's clean and put the seeds in that. Some people use zip lock baggies. You'll be able to tell the seeds. I'd wait until next spring to plant them however.

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Where can i buy this Flower (Cleome "White Queen") itself or in a vase. I dont want the seeds...?

i want this flower but i dont want to buy just the seeds.

Where can i buy this Flower (Cleome "White Queen") itself or in a vase. I dont want the seeds...?
Cleome does not lend itself to transplanting. Generally, you just plant the seeds where you want the flower to grow.

Also, you don't find them available as cut flowers at the florists, because they die quickly once cut.

The best way to enjoy them is to throw some seeds in your garden where you would like them to grow. (literally - they self seed very well, and when I want to expand where they grow, I just take seeds, and toss them where I want.)

Probability. flower seeds! help me please! =)?

two flower seeds are randomly selected from a package that contains 5 seeds for red flowers, and 3 seeds for white flowers.

a) what is the probability that both seeds will result in red flowers?

b) what is the probability both colors are represented?

c) what is the probability both seeds are white flowers?

Probability. flower seeds! help me please! =)?
Since there are 8 seeds in the package,

there are (8)(7)/2=28 possible two seed combinations.

This is because there are 8 seeds for the first choice, times 7 seeds for the second choice, divided by 2, since there are two different orders that you can select each pair of seeds.

Of those 28 combinations, (5)(4)/2=10 combinations will both be red,

(3)(2)/2=3 will both be white, and

(5)(3)=15 combinations including both colors.

To answer your question,

a) p=10/28

b) p=3/28

c) p=15/28

Notice that when I figured the probability that both colors would be represented, I paired the 5 red seeds with the 3 white seeds to yield 15 combinations.

When figuring the combinations of just white seeds, and just red seeds, I divided by two to keep from counting each pair of seeds twice.
Reply:assume without replacement.

there are 8 seeds total.

a) the probabity of picking a seed that is for red flowers is 5/8. After one seed is picked out, there are 7 seeds left and 4 out of which are seeds for red flowers. That gives you the probability of picking a second seed that is also for red flower is 4/7

P = (5/8) * (4/7)

P = 5/14

b) both colors are presented. One for red flowers and one for white flowers

for red flower: P = 5/8

one seed is picked out, 7 are left. and 3 of them are for white flower

since order does not matter, there are two ways you can pick the two seeds

Red and white

white and red

P = 2 (5/8) (3/7)

P = 15/28 %26lt;== answer

c) same concept

P = (3/8) (2/7)

P = 3/28 %26lt;== answer
Reply:5/8 times 4/7= 20/56= 5/14

5/8 times 3/7= 15/56+15/56=30/56=15/28

3/8 times 2/7= 6/56= 3/28
Reply:a) ( 5/8 x 4/7 ) = 5/14

b) ( 5/8 x 4/7 ) + ( 3/8 x 2/7 ) = 0.03827

c) (3/8 x 2/7) = 3/28

Sun flower seeds?

My sun flowers are just coming to the end. How do i take the seeds from the middle and how do i store them in the winter months so i can plant them next year.

Sun flower seeds?
cut the top once the flower petals have fallen and leave it on a plate, face down for a day or two. after setting, tap on the back of the flower head and let the seeds fall. store them in a dry, dark place until ready to plant in Spring
Reply:put the head of the plant in a bucket and let the seeds fall out on there own. keep the seeds in a dry place and dont them dry out. make sure there not exposed to any moister because they will go moldy and bee no good for the following year.
Reply:Just thought I would mention that earwigs may be inside the head of the flower so whatever way you choose to get seeds out don't do it indoors !!!! Have fun ;)
Reply:cut the heads off and put them somewhere dry, when you see that all the seeds are fully formed on the head, remove them, discard the head. then all you do is keep them in a dry place until you need them preferably in a paper bag. have fun
Reply:Agree with answers so far but can I suggest that you might consider leaving one or two seed heads on your bird table for the birds? Just cut off the plant close to the base of the head and leave the heads lying seeds upwards. The birds will really appreciate this and you'll still have loads off the other seed heads for planting next year.

How Do I Grow Pansies From Seeds In A flower Pot?

Could someone give me the steps, so that I can follow them.

How Do I Grow Pansies From Seeds In A flower Pot?
Morning sun, pm shade. place a strip of saran wrap over the pot to create a greenhouse effect. Use a mild mixture of miracle gro and water.(after they begin to sprout, use the miracle gro plant food sticks! (They're $1 or so, then only use water). Never pour miracle gro into the green plant itself, it will burn it. make sure you use good potting mix and not cheap stuff. They should also be exposed to the pollen (which is shedding right now so lose the saran wrap or create holes for the pollen to get in........)

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Are flower bulbs the same as flower seeds?

Are flower bulbs the same as flower seeds?

About the same as onions are from peas. One is a bulb and the other a flower seed.

The bulb is just a fattened leaf base growing on a bit of chunky stem. From this stem comes the flower bud too. When the flowers bloom, they can set seed too. You can also plant these seeds and get new plants from them. When the new plants are big enough, they send their food into the bases of their leaves to form another bulb again.

Other flower seeds make plants -- big ones like giant trees, small ones like grass seeds, and so many in between. Some of them will grow into plants that will eventually make bulbs too. Like onions and lilies and tulips.

But don't forget that bulbs started life from a flower seed too.

Are flower bulbs the same as flower seeds?
No, they are very different. Many flowers with bulbs also produce seed, which is hard to grow, therfore most flowering bulbs are grown from bulbs. The bulb is sort of an adaptation of roots and stems, as far as I know. The seeds are produced in the ovary of the flower.
Reply:They sort of are, but sort of not. Both bulbs and seeds produce flowers, but, some flowers grow from seeds, other flowers grow from bulbs.

Flowers like daffodils and tulips grow from bulbs. If you plant bulbs, you'll want to dig the bulbs up in the fall (after they have flowered) every few years, separate them, and replant them. They reproduce by making little baby bulbs off the main one (kind of like cloves of garlic), and you can separate them, and plant many more. In fact, after a few years, you should do this, because I think that bulbs get less productive the "clumpier" they get. I find them the most satisfying, because most of them come up quickly, and change every day. Also, a lot of them are spring flowers, so they mark the beginning of the garden.

Other flowers reproduce using seeds, which generally come from the center of the flower itself. There are three types of flower seeds; perennial, annual, and biennial.

I don't know a lot about biennials. They don't flower until the second year, and have always seemed like too much trouble to me.

Annuals are seeds that only produce flowers over one season. They tend to bloom for a longer period. They are often sold in flats (more expensive) at garden shops while already in bloom.

There is a subset of annuals which are called self seeding annuals. This means that the seeds will drop and repropagate themselves. I've had luck with sunflowers coming back year after year, in the weirdest places, as birds pick them off and drop them.

Perennials come back every year, and are really the cheapest way to go. One of my favorites is the black eyed susan.

Other flowers grow from corms, rhizomes and tubers. Wikipedia has a great section on plant reproduction.
Reply:Bulbs are, essentially, a permanent root - they will re-grow every year from the same plant. Seeds germinate, sprout, mature, then die. If that plant produces seeds AND if those seeds drop to the ground AND those seeds germinate next season, you'll get a replacement plant.
Reply:No they are not the same.
Reply:Bulbs are nice because they come back year after year and even multiply. Seeds die out after one season.